Plastic Storage Crate Lids

Plastic storage crate lids are available for the different series crates and jumbo crates. The lids are optional and can be fit or removed easily based on one's requirement. The sizes (L x W) mm of these lids are as follows: Read More

Brand: Aristo
Model: 3200 | 4300 | 5300 | 6400 | 654500
Description: Premium virgin food grade plastic storage crate lids for all series crates
Sizes (L x W) mm: 
1) 300 x 200
2) 400 x 300
3) 500 x 325
4) 600 x 400
5) 650 x 450

About The Product

1. The lids are made of 100% virgin food grade HDPE / PP and can be used for crates with food items also.
2. The quality of Aristo lids is at par if not above, with other reputable brands in the market.
3. Standard color of the lids is Gray.
4. The lids are sturdy and long lasting. It can used to cover domestic as well as industrial goods.