Plastic Crates

We are the authorized dealer of AristoEsquire plastic crates in Hyderabad and Secunderabad.

Aristo & Esquire manufacture a large range of premium quality HDPE Fruits & Vegetable Crates, Storage Crates, Storage Crate Lids and Stacking Bins.

The products that we deal in are of premium quality and made from virgin food grade HDPE. Other local crates in the market are made from recycled hard plastic which can break easily very soon.

Our crates by Aristo & Esquire have higher flexibility, strength, better value for money and greater lifespan compared to ordinary crates. The quality and price of our crates is currently unparalleled in the market. We have a wide range of HDPE plastic storage crates from completely closed models to totally perforated models. Industrial storage crates with lids are also available. We also have giant crates with wheels that can be used in supermarkets, clothing stores, warehouses, libraries and more.

Why Crates or Stacking Boxes?

Plastic Crates also known as Storage Boxes or Stacking Boxes and Stacking Bins or FPO Bins are the practical storage option for a wide range of small parts and goods. They are optimally suited for storage, transport and shipment. These boxes are available in a wide range of sizes and colors including transparent boxes, with and without lids. Stacking boxes are true space saving miracles and the easiest solution for everything that needs order and a clear overview.

Stacking Boxes – pile them up to save space!

The stackable storage boxes are, in fact, practical space savers in bakeries, confectioneries, factories, hotels, warehouses or in company storerooms. Furthermore, the containers can also hold a lot of different things. Plastic Crates are the practical solution for storing the most diverse goods, small parts and products. The storage volume can be increased by stacking more units right there and then. Ideally, the stacks can extend upwards to just under the ceiling. And the space can be cleared just as quickly for other things when required. Stacking boxes are flexible and easy to transport, either by hand or using lifting equipment. Platform Trolleys and Dollies in different designs are also helpful in this case.

THE META STORE offers a wide range of stacking boxes and FPO bins with stands for different planned uses. The individual boxes can be open at the top, however storage boxes with lids are also available. In this case, the goods to be stored play a decisive role when it comes to the specific use. The boxes with locks are available in versions with removable lids. When transparent boxes are used, they also provide the option of viewing the respective contents from the outside without having to open anything. Colored boxes allow items to be specifically pre-sorted, along with allocation to variable contents.

Plastic Crates as storage and transportation equipment.

Stacking boxes and Stacking Bins can be used as permanent storage or as transport containers. Whether polypropylene (PP) or high density polyethylene (HDPE), a custom fit solution can be found for all company requirements. All stacking boxes are designed for heavy loading, as frequently done in warehouse logistics and in transportation. FPO Bins on the other hand are used when easy frontal access to the contents are required on a very frequent basis. FPO Bins fit into different sized racks, panels and stands depending on the requirement.

Plastic crates are the most frequently used stacking boxes. Choose all your storage and transportation needs from THE META STORE !

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