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The One Stop Shop for Material Handling and Storage Products

Shopping Trolleys

The leading dealer of a large range of supermarket shopping trolleys & folding shopping trolleys suitable for use in canteens, hospitals, industries, grocery stores, supermarkets and warehouses.

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Shopping Baskets & Wheel Baskets

A variety of plastic shopping baskets and wheel baskets or rolling baskets for boutiques, supermarkets, grocery stores & homes.

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Plastic Crates

A large range of Premium Aristo & Esquire Fruits & Vegetable Plastic Crates and Industrial Storage Crates. Storage crates with lids are also available. These crates are suitable for use in bakeries, hotels, industries, restaurants and warehouses for transportation and storage of food and perishables, industrial machinery and other goods.

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'Q' Managers

A wide range of Belt Q Managers, Golden & SS Ball Head Q Stands with Velvet Ropes and SS Signage Holders.

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FPO Bins & Stands

All sizes of Aristo FPO Bins available in 3 standard colors. These bins are suitable for frequent use of automobile parts, machinery spares & other small items in automobile service stations, shops, industries and offices. Premium quality FPO Bins stands in various sizes and designs are also available to suit our varied customer requirements.

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Insulated Ice Boxes

Premium Aristo, Penta, Nagmagic & Vrajplast Insulated Ice Boxes. These insulated boxes are suitable for storage and transportation of Ice, Meat, Fish, Ice Creams, Dairy Products, Pharmaceutical products and perishables.

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Platform Trolleys & Material Handling Trolleys

A large range of custom-made and standard models of Material Handling Trolleys and Platform Trolleys available in Stainless Steel and Mild Steel. Suitable for all kinds of industrial needs, supermarkets and warehousing.

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Waste Management Products

A large variety of premium Aristo & Sintex commercial and domestic waste management products for homes, apartments, factories, offices, parks & hotels. The dustbins' sizes range from 8 liters to 1100 liters.

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Why The Meta Store ?

Never before in Hyderabad has a store been specially dedicated to Shopping Baskets, Shopping Trolleys, Material Handling Trolleys, Plastic Crates, FPO Bins, Waste Bins, Insulated Ice Boxes and Pallets.

We have the largest range of shopping trolleys, platform trolleys, material handling trolleys, shopping baskets and wheel baskets. These products form the crux of our firm. Our range of insulated ice boxes, waste bins and storage crates makes us the go-to place for material handling products.

What is Material Handling?

Material Handling and Storage is the management, facilitation of transportation and storage of goods. The storage and movement may be as small as within an apartment, factory, industry, grocery store, supermarket, warehouse or as large as between different countries. We deal in products that simplify and ease storage or segregation or transportation of material using either baskets, trolleys, crates, fpo bins, waste bins, pallets and ice boxes within a factory, a hotel, a supermarket, a warehouse and within different regions.